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 Development of Premium Content

Most of the visitors to your website will come through search engines and therefore, the keywords and phrases that you choose are vital. Your marketing company should be assisting you with keyword research and advising you with content strategies for site pages, blogs and social media. In addition, they should be diving even deeper into content development by helping you create resources like whitepapers or ebooks that visitors to your site can utilize.

Creation of Calls to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are the buttons that site visitors will click to get them onto a landing page. These buttons have to be cleverly developed and carefully placed. The buttons need to be catchy both visually an

d mentally which means great graphics and great wording are both essential here. Your lead generation service should know exactly how to create and use the most beneficial types of CTAs for your site and should also be able to advise your developers on where and when to place them on your pages

 Development of Landing Pages

After a site visitors click on a CTA, they will be directed to a landing page on your site where they will be offered access to a special resource or a free gift (this is where you use your excellent content – point #1 – as leverage to gain lead information). Not only will your marketing company help you design offers and then develop landing pages for them, but they will also assist you in building great “thank you pages” where new leads will land after completing the form on your landing page.

Promotion of Blogs

Any good lead generation service will not only set up or assist with establishing a blog for your website, but they will also be continually developing content for new blog posts as well as promoting the blog online to increase attention and traffic to it. Blog promotion can happen in a variety of ways including: promoting through social media, adding the blog URL to employee email signatures, and adding anchor text as links which will take readers from other associated site pages to relevant blogs.


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