Expert Google Penalty Recovery Services

Did you recently see your website take a dip in organic rankings in Google’s search engine results? Has your website experienced a significant loss in traffic? Are you receiving multiple notifications or warnings from your Google Search Console?

Our Penalty Removal and Recovery Services

Here at Eminent SEO, we know firsthand how to respond when all the SEO rules seem to change overnight. From Panda to Penguin, we’ve helped clients recover from penalties related to every major Google algorithm update for the last 13 years.

You can trust that we have a high level of direct experience when it comes to helping sites recover from search engine penalties.

SEO Penalty Audit Services

There are three broad categories of problems that are likely responsible for your penalty: backlinks sources, content quality and ethics violations. Possible violations are varied, ranging from duplication of content to unscrupulous backlink tactics. If your company’s traffic is trending downward and you suspect a search engine penalty is to blame, it is vital that you find the source of the problem as soon as possible. Eminent can help, specializing in the following penalty audit services

Penalty Prevention Services

Penalty Prevention Services


When it comes to dealing with search engine penalties, prevention is the most effective strategy. Eminent can leverage its experience with Google’s algorithms to help your company stay ahead of the curve. Our experts are adept at using Google Webmaster tools to monitor potential errors and address these issues before they evolve into full-on penalties.  Penalty prevention is an important aspect of penalty recovery that should not go overlooked.

Penalty Recovery Services

Your company will want to act fast if the homepage has been penalized by Google. That means removing suspect links, addressing possible ethical violations and taking the proper steps to get back on the search engine’s good side. In some cases, penalties will force your company to rewrite its SEO strategy from scratch. In times like these, an SEO professional like Eminent can help your company get through this transition as smoothly as possible.